Navigating the perils of dating in LA

Unequivocally, there are perils of dating in LA. Though, it’s possible to circumvent the peril. Most any city-dweller in LA can speak to the trouble. Among LA daters, many of the perils of dating in Los Angeles are mainstream. That said, here are ways to navigate the perils of dating in LA.


Start with an app

If your aim is to pick up girls in LA, it will serve you well to utilize a dating app. If you do not use an app, you run the risk of blurring the lines between dating and job hunting. There are plenty of single professionals. Though, not all single professionals are searching for dating encounters in person. It’s presumed that, by using a dating app, you’re searching for someone outside of work. At least, by using a dating app, you will have begun with the intention to date.


Know your intention

Even after you start using a dating app, it’s inevitable that you will encounter another dating peril of LA. Namely, you’ll find that people have varying intentions. While that may appear true everywhere, it’s especially true in LA. Some people in LA exclusively search for hookups. A person might search for a short-term relationship because he or she is temporarily living in LA. Other people may not want to settle on one love-interest because the population is large. Therefore, there are a lot of opportunities to date new people.


Some people view dating in LA as a constant “the grass is greener on the other side of the 405” situation. A way to get ahead of that peril of dating in LA is to be aware of it. Then, you are less likely to feel disappointed if you do not get a second date with someone. Another way to navigate this dating peril is to recognize what you want. You will want to express what you want from the start.


Avoid catfishing

While catfishing happens everywhere, people are especially susceptible to catfishing in LA because the population vast. Make sure you have a video call before meeting. That way, you can get a sense that the person is being forthright. You will probably encounter mild catfishing. A person will embellish his or her profile to have some advantage against other profiles. One way to indicate to people that you are not catfishing yourself is to get your profile validated.

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