7 Libido-Boosting Diet For Women

7 Libido-Boosting Diet For Women

Can dieting lower your libido? The answer is, yes. There are diets that can kill or slow down your sex drive. When a woman cuts her calorie intake then does intense cardio and exercises, her libido also decreases. Taking low calories than you can burn will put you into negative energy balance. Moreover, overtraining lowers libido. Just think of it this way, when you are hungry, you don’t want to have sex unless you’re full, right? This is because your sex hormone is dropping whenever your calorie count is dropping. If you’re in a crash diet and eat little food, do not doubt why you have low sex drive.

So, does this mean you cannot loss fat if you want to maintain or increase your sex drive? Absolutely not. You can still increase your sex drive while dieting, with of course taking the right diet. Maintaining a low body fat with sufficient calorie intake is the trick.

Here are the seven libido-boosting diets every woman should know. These are the diets you can take alternately that could help increase your libido, and at the same time, shed you some fats.

  1. High-Protein Diet

Women need at least 50 grams of protein a day. You can easily find protein in your kitchen like eggs, chicken, beef, salmon and dairy products. Protein promotes and helps in production of libido. Have a minimal intake of these protein rich foods if you think you really need to shed some fat.

  1. Iron-rich Food Diet

A woman who lacks of iron can really have a low libido because her blood is not strong enough to reach the end of the body nerves. Iron-rich foods like spinach and some dark leafy vegetables can boost your iron levels. This will not only boost your libido, but will also give you more energy inside the gym. Spinach, in particular, has an appetite-suppressing compound that can really help you cut your appetite.

  1. Low-sugar High-Quality Dark Chocolate Diet

If you can’t resist sweet treats, include low-sugar dark chocolate in your diet. Dark chocolate can release serotonin and is a natural aphrodisiac. It is also a mood lifter, perfect to take when you are to hit the gym.

  1. Nuts Diet

Brazil, pine and almond nuts are rich in zinc, vitamin E, minerals and healthy fats that can promote sexual reproduction and health. Women with higher level of zinc are shown to have higher sex drive than those who are lack of it. So make sure you have a daily those of nuts.

  1. Grass-fed Red Meat and Liver Diet

Red meat like beef and liver are rich in iron. Consuming beef and liver can bring back the energy sapped by fatigue and stress. Focus more on eating red meat and liver if you think your low sex drive is caused by iron deficiency.

  1. Probiotic-rich Food Product Diet

Iron and other nutrients needed to boost libido is best utilize when consuming probiotic-rich foods like yogurt. A diet with yogurt will not only reduce your weight but will also increase your sex drive.

  1. Chili Diet

Chilli peppers contain capsaicin that make chillies hot. This ingredient stimulates secretion of chemicals that increase your heart rate, and also helps in releasing endorphins. You can add chillies in your daily diet, or you can take chilli supplements if you want them straight in your body. This supplement will not only boost your sex drive, making you feel hotter and sexier every day, but also improves your metabolism.

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