6 Hacks For Great Sex

6 Hacks For Great Sex

What is more arousing, a planned sex or an unplanned? Whatever your answer will be, sex should be enjoyed, planned or unplanned. There are really crazy days and nights, and sometimes you have to be innovative and creative to add more fun to your “ritual” sex activities.

There are simple and can replicate tricks you can do to boost your sexual confidence and increase that sex appeal. With the help of sex toys, right attitude, strong will that you are sexy and hot, and right knowledge of the erogenous spots of your partner, you can achieve these great sex hacks easily.

  1. Erase all your insecurities

The number one culprit as to why you are not experiencing great sex is because you are focused on your insecurities. So what if you have an average-size penis, a small breast, dark bikini area, and so on? You are a normal human, meaning you’re imperfectly perfect. Even celebrities have body insecurities too, but they’ve learned to embrace them.

Instead of focusing on your insecurities, try shifting on things that will empower your sensuality. Think of your averaged-size penis as a mighty cock that will make your woman scream for more. Think of your small breasts as a sexy anti-stress squeeze ball attracting up the libido of your man.

One thing, you can be what you think.

  1. Do not see yourself grinding like a pornstar.

Pornstars are actors and actresses and they do porns for living and entertainment. Most of their big O moments, big cocks and large boobs are not true at all. They are mostly faking it. So, stop pretending and thinking you should act like a pornstar so you can have great sex. Just relax and do the deed naturally.

  1. Eat Pineapple.

Drinking or eating pineapple one hour before doing sex will actually make your bodily fluids taste better. It makes sperm taste sweet and vagina smells fragrant. If you don’t believe it, think of the times you drink coffee, once you urinate it smells like coffee too, right? The same principle goes when eating or drinking pineapple one hour before doing the deed, your private part and fluids will smell and taste sweet too! 

  1. Use vitamin E or coconut oil as lube.

Run out of lube? No need to fret. Look inside your medicine cabinet, or in the kitchen, and you will find what you need when libido strikes. Vitamin E and coconut oil can be great lubes just in case you ran out of it. Grab one and rub it on him. Coconut oil is also good for a steamy massage too.

  1. Wear socks.

There are studies saying wearing socks during sexual intercourse can help reach orgasm. Why is this? Socks keep you warmer, helping the blood vessels in your feet expand, improving your blood flow. Remember, blood should reach your erogenous zones for you to climax. The next time you think wearing socks during sex is a lame idea, think again. You might want to try this one and feel the difference.

  1. Do Kegel exercise.

Kegel exercise will help strengthen your pelvic muscles floor, which you use in reaching climax. Having flexible and strong pelvic muscles can help you stay in longer sex. It can also help you reach climax because your G-spot is located around your pelvic muscles area.

There are women who orgasm when their clitoris are stimulated but seldom when having sex. This is actually normal because it is not happening to a few women but to most. If this is also happening to you, try doing Kegel exercise and experience full orgasm. You can do it anytime, anywhere.

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